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Books Reviewed by Leeta Taylor

Book Review

Strange Bodies

In both her life and her narrow but vivid body of work, Carson McCullers claimed a secure (albeit marginal) perch in American literature’s Southern renaissance Gothic wing.... Read More

Book Review


Welcome to Swinging London, circa 1720. A dyspeptic poet (Alexander Pope, in charming cameo) proves how appearances must indeed govern reality, for women now fit their amoral... Read More

Book Review


The India infusing this promising first novel is already a phantom, an incense shrine to a secondary source. Its naïve narrator, Leela, knows her homeland only through the... Read More

Book Review


Novels awash in the arcane archeology of lost medieval manuscripts have become their own sub-genre, with Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose being the keystone tome of the art... Read More

Book Review


The literary feminist fable, for all its PC piety, is hardly a foolproof genre. All too often its didactic intentions succumb to humorlessness, and lifeless, allegorical... Read More

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