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Sacagawea Speaks

“The object of your mission is to explore the Missouri River and such principal stream of it as… may offer the most direct and practicable water communication across the... Read More

Book Review


“Historically, I knew women had been ignored and erased. But I suddenly realized that, outside the historical record, the men were also ignored and erased. The modern... Read More

Book Review

Iroquois Moon

The year in Indian Country is divided into thirteen moons. Thirteen equal cycles of four weeks, twenty-eight days. The Sugar Moon, Fishing Moon, and the Very Cold Moon are... Read More

Book Review

One Stick Song

This book is funny, right on the money, yet terribly sad: welcome to the tradition of tragicomedy. Welcome to Indian Country. Here the Greek art form reaches it’s zenith,... Read More

Book Review

Visit Teepee Town

Visit Teepee Town presents an ecclectic and beguiling compilation of such varied genres as poetry, personal journalism, tribal oral tradition and academic essay. Additionally,... Read More

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