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Books Reviewed by Erica Wright

Book Review

Factory of Tears

The Factory of Tears is a real place in Valzhyna Mort’s eponymous collection of poems. In fact, its productivity rate is higher than the Department of Transportation, the... Read More

Book Review

From Whence

Throughout his collection of poems From Whence, Chitwood seems bent on disproving fellow Southern poet Allen Tate who once wrote, “The typical southern conversation is not... Read More

Book Review

case sensitive

This book is as much about paying respects as it is about forging ahead—an ideal combination for a debut collection. The author adds grains of literary wisdom to accompany her... Read More

Book Review


This collection of poems demonstrates how creative restrictions are not always drawbacks. The poet’s first section, “Tambourine,” adheres to pi mnemonics: the number of... Read More

Book Review

Soft Box

This poet writes like a woman with a mission. Her collection resounds with an honesty that is at once brutal and determined. “You will not go hungry into a strange soil,”... Read More