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Penis Power

Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

That the author of Penis Power was advised not to put the word “penis” in the title because it would be offensive to many is strong evidence of the need for this book. Dudley Seth Danoff, an experienced urologist and urological surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, has written a serious and readable manual for anyone with an interest in men’s sexual health—an audience that should include nearly every adult. To quote Dr. Danoff, “Doctors talk about the penis only when a patient brings it up because there is a problem.”

Penis Power is a mix of basic scientific and medical information on the fundamental operation of the penis and its related organs and systems, interspersed with observations gleaned from nearly forty years of medical practice and teaching. A great deal of space is devoted to the connection between a man’s self image and his sexual functioning. “From my clinical observations, the single biggest sexual worry of contemporary men is that they will not provide their partners with orgasms of spectacular quantity and quality,” Danoff writes.

The author covers a broad range of topics in Penis Power, including not only sexually transmitted diseases, but various kinds of erectile dysfunction, their causes and cures. Along the way, he extinguishes many of the myths circumscribing the penis, such as that size makes a difference and that there are treatments or procedures for making a penis larger or more potent. While the book is devoid of the charts and graphs resulting from actual scientific studies, its information is precise and clear. The author insists that readers (and men, in particular) desperately need the information in this book. “I want to drive home the message that using your penis for the purpose nature intended is not only one of life’s great pleasures, but also good for your health in general.”

The doctor’s reference to “health in general” includes mental and emotional health as well as physical health. Penis Power carries a strong, clear message that male sexuality must be developed and applied responsibly and that, if it is so applied, it can lead to more fulfilling and long-lasting relationships. Danoff consistently and forthrightly condemns exploitive male sexual standards. He notes, “the superpotent man always behaves with sensitivity, awareness, and integrity. He knows where to draw the line, especially when a partner says ‘No!’” Later he writes, “You should care about your partner’s sexual pleasure as much as your own.”

Finally, Danoff includes a chapter addressed to women and many of their concerns regarding male sexuality and a chapter for men concerned with the aging process and its effect on sexuality. Penis Power is an informative user’s manual whose time has come.

Reviewed by John Michael Senger

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