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Paddy Poopenhopper's Magic Turds

A Tale of Kindness and Gratitude

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

The unorthodox picture book Paddy Poopenhopper’s Magic Turds communicates an appealing message about kindness.

Heather Lonczak’s entertaining picture book Paddy Poopenhopper’s Magic Turds celebrates the virtues of giving to others.

Set in the town of Gooberville, the story kicks off when warmhearted Gracie seeks to help a local family after their home is wrecked in a storm. Having heard rumors about a giant rabbit and its magical poops that can turn into gold, Gracie sets off on a quest to find an elusive piece of refuse. Plenty of good-natured, icky humor punctuates her efforts. The results of her search set off a frenzy in town, as others search for the magic bunny and his poop. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that only those with pure intentions will be in luck.

There’s fun in the book’s wacky premise, and episodes involving poop abound. Still, there’s gentle positivity in the story, which shows the value of teamwork and generosity. Each character gets their appropriate deserts based on their reactions to the magic poop. The story also shows that one should never judge based on appearances: Paddy’s poop may be messy, but when it’s treated with proper care, it can bloom into flowers and golden nuggets.

The narrative leaves plenty of opportunities for fun visuals, and the illustrations take full advantage of this. Adept panoramic scenes spread out over multiple pages, while more intimate moments are also shared. As Gracie’s successes become major news, the pictures burst with invention: the townspeople go to extreme lengths to find their own poop, and the complementary images are marked by excellent humor.

The unorthodox picture book Paddy Poopenhopper’s Magic Turds communicates an appealing message about kindness.

Reviewed by Ho Lin

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