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No Doctor! You're Wrong.

I Don't Have... How My Husband Saved My Life When I Was Misdiagnosed Over and Over and Over.....

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

No Doctor! You’re Wrong. is a heartfelt memoir about medical neglect, severe pain, and a patient’s perseverance.

Sherri Antoinette’s assertive memoir No Doctor! You’re Wrong. conveys lost faith in the medical system following repeated misdiagnoses.

A sudden onset of a mysterious illness left Sherri Antoinette feeling sapped of her strength, combating excruciating pain that prevented her from performing daily tasks, like showering and getting dressed. The feelings were so intense she could find no position of comfort. Her search for medical relief led to disappointments, though: a number of perplexed doctors discounted her symptoms, time and again. Antoinette and her husband ended up working alone to get her the treatment she needed, spending nights in hospitals and dealing with puzzling periods that gave her no real results. In discussions with each other, their tones remained hopeful, though: they laughed over their misfortunes, and Antoinette comments that ““I kept thinking that if I were dead, I wouldn’t feel this pain.”

Antoinette endured a battery of tests, and all are recounted with care. She recalls shuffling “from one examination room to the next” and considers her mounting medical bills. These struggles are repetitive, but hold attention because of their enduring uncertainty. Antoinette was eventually diagnosed with a spinal condition, and sought healing by tracing the underlying causes of her discomfort.

The book’s broad sections address Antoinette’s struggle in physical, emotional, and spiritual terms; together, though, they are still straightforward, following the chronology of Antoinette’s medical battles in a clear manner. Their internal sections are topical but focused, also helping to frame Antoinette’s protracted struggles well.

The text includes documentation, copies of X-rays and MRIs, and letters from specialists. Such primary sources supplement the story well, grounding Antoinette’s certainty that something was wrong in scientific terms. Its descriptions of suffering are frank, raw, and relentless. Still, Antoinette expresses hope she’ll be able to reach a place of calm and comfort. The book is structured to assure she’ll attain it in the end, and its mission to spread hope to others with unexplained physical ailments is stirring. It builds to an expected, reassuring plea to fellow patients: believe that you can get better, and pursue whatever therapies you think will benefit your health best.

No Doctor! You’re Wrong. is a heartfelt memoir about dealing with an obscure disease and with disappointment in the medical system—and about pressing on regardless to find relief.

Reviewed by Joseph S. Pete

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