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My Sister Dilly

My Sister Dilly (Tyndale House 978-1-4143-2224-7) by Maureen Lang is a story about friendship dealing with the past and accepting the path that God has provided. Hannah leaves a lucrative career as an investment banker in Los Angeles to move back to Sugar Creek Illinois where her family owns a hog farm. She made the decision to move home six and a half years before when her sister Dilly was sent to prison for the attempted murder of her disabled daughter. “If youd been here for her back then none of this wouldve happened” Hannah tells herself. It is this thought that made her end her relationship with Mac who is now her devoted friend.

As Hannah helps Dilly earn the trust of her daughters new caregivers Mac makes frequent trips to Sugar Creek in an attempt to convince Hannah to marry him and all three explore their newfound faith in God. Mac who has dated a string of women since his breakup with Hannah decides to do things the old-fashioned way when they rekindle their romance. Christian readers will enjoy the relationship based on trust and companionship.

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