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Manipulating the Last Pure Godly DNA

The Genetic Search for God's DNA on Earth

Clarion Rating: 1 out of 5

Manipulating the Last Pure Godly DNA, by E.A. Jensen, guides readers through mysteries and controversies involving religion and science. Jensen’s goal is to meld scientific fact and biblical knowledge to bring together the worlds of science and religion. As he states, “The big hype about who’s right or wrong is totally unnecessary.”

The book is organized into six hefty chapters, each containing shorter sections. The chapters cover topics such as “Geology and Time,” “Brain teasers, Psychics and the Unexplained,” and “Archaeology and Mythology.”

Unfortunately, Jensen’s book also contains numerous punctuation errors, misspellings, and misused words, such as, “Let your imagination except the ideas that you may found strange or disturbing at first.” Jensen’s failure to provide information about his own credentials coupled with the sub-par writing quality will cause readers to question the validity of his ideas. Jensen does include a ten-page reference list that contains varied and valuable books and resources, but listing Google and Wikipedia severely undermines his credibility. Some ideas, while valuable for readers to understand, are not unique to Jensen’s book, such as the section on carbon-14 dating that has no more in-depth information than readers could find in an encyclopedia.

For many readers, the chapter titled “Biblical and Scientific Fact” will be the book’s biggest draw. They may applaud Jensen’s willingness to question both science and the Bible, but they will also find the explanations of his conclusions lacking. He begins the chapter by contending that the earth already existed when God created it. Based on the phrase, “Now the earth was formless and empty” in Genesis 1:2, Jensen concludes that the six-day creation recorded in Genesis began with a fully created earth with “all the elements on the periodic table, solids, liquids, and gasses.”

“The Pre-Adamic Theory and Time Line” tracks history from when Jensen states that God created the earth through the Big Bang 13.8 million years ago to the time of Adam, six thousand years ago. The section is badly in need of citations, and the book ends rather strangely: “It is only after a life time of assembling all knowledge that it doesn’t matter to have it anymore. Good and evil, it’s all in the genes.”

Jensen aims to offer spiritual and scientific clarity, but, unfortunately, this book does little to clarify and may only add to their confusion.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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