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Book Review

Crimes of Faith

by Kristine Morris

Near-ecstatic prose and a complicated subject matter make for challenging and timely reading. In "Crimes of Faith", Anah Jochebed employs visionary prose that seems to have been crafted while in an ecstatic state to give voice to her... Read More

Book Review

Now What?

by Emily Asad

When Jorl and his wife, Tarla, talked about taking a family vacation, they pictured poolside drinks and late-night dancing, not explosions and enemy invasions. Yet, that is precisely what they encounter in Barbara J. Hamblen’s debut... Read More

Book Review

The Bearcats

Korean War veterans like the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield get no respect. Well some respect but they’re overlooked by historians and filmmakers alike who prefer to focus on clear-cut American victories like World War II. Whether... Read More

Book Review

The Science Was Fun

The “fun” in the science that 89-year-old retired physicist George Baldwin refers to in the title of his selectively culled memoir comes alive in most parts of his book. But while he admits that he “enjoyed a challenging satisfying... Read More