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Book Reviews

Love Starts With Elle

In Love Starts With Elle by Rachel Hauck (Thomas Nelson, 978-1-59554-338-7), Elle Garvey is living her dream. She is in love with the former football star-turned pastor of her hometown church, owns an art gallery, and has made a name for herself in the countys burgeoning art scene. When Jeremiah asks her to marry him and move to Dallas, she is conflicted, but agrees to go. She has already sold her gallery and rented out her creekside cabin when Jeremiah dumps her. Elle has to live in the studio above her garage while she deals with her loss and tries to see Gods plan.

Slowly, Elle gets over Jeremiah and even takes up painting again. She is encouraged along the way by her tenant Heath McCord, who is quickly becoming a good friend. When Jeremiah returns, she sees the big picture; if Jeremiah hadnt left her, she never would have met the supportive, loving Heath. Readers will love strong Elle and her tight-knit South Carolina community.

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