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Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Adventures

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Does the world’s tallest bungee jump sound like adventure? How about drag racing in Los Angeles or swimming with sharks Down Under? Too crazy? Not crazy enough? Then imagine sand-boarding in Namibia, a wife-carrying race in Finland, jousting in Wisconsin, a foot race in Wales—twenty-two miles against a horse. Bring it on.

These escapades plus 994 more await extreme travelers with extreme dreams. Some of them take deep pockets. You’ll need a sponsor if you want to compete in the Patagonian Expedition Race—eleven days of climbing, kayaking, and biking—but that’s nothing to the $50k you’d drop for an Everest ascent (so yesterday). A decent stash of daring-do is useful as well: the Copper Canyon railway in Mexico may have spectacular views, but it also has kidnappings and decapitations. Ultimate Border Crossings gets its own section; Somaliland anyone?

Despair not, ye faint of heart. There are many, many adventures that only require some joie de vivre. London offers a footrace through forty-two underground stations. If that’s not enough, there’s another race up the stairs at Tower 42. So much to do, so little time. At least take the time to peruse the great ideas here. The book is the perfect gift for nephews who show up for the holidays in latex and neoprene.

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