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An Epic Search for Truth

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The comic form, says author Doxiadis, playing himself in this nerdy but engaging offering from Bloomsbury, “is perfect for stories of heroes in search of great goals.” In the case of Logocomix, the hero is philosopher Bertrand Russell. In the book, Russell is in the U.S. on September 4, 1939, three days after Hitler invaded Poland. He is supposed to give a lecture called “The Role of Logic in Human Affairs,” but instead he describes the role of logic in his personal and professional life. It’s not as dry as it seems. It really isn’t dry at all what with the ghosts in Berties belfry, the marriages, and the great minds. The authors keep the pace lively with frequent meta interruptions and the use of color to denote period. This book would be at home in both middle and high school libraries and homes.

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