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Lily and Trooper's Spring

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Trooper, a black-and-white dog with a pink nose, goes along with everything Lily dreams up, even though at times he’s quite nervous or downright terrified. But he is a true friend and everything ends up fine, probably because he trusts, as only dogs can do.

In Lily and Trooper’s Spring one follows them through a day of cavorting that starts out with the pair waking up on a delicious quilt to the sounds of birds singing. Lily and Trooper go on a walk, a picnic, run into an overly curious cow, swing, meet some sheep, change clothes a couple of times, meet some pigs, play with some ducks, get cleaned up all over again and plop back under that delicious quilt at the end of the day.

The book’s pictures are the sunshine of the book, with only one sentence on each page. They are bright and color-packed with fun and they help portray Lily as a fun-lovin? kid who delights in all around her. Her enthusiasm is quite contagious.

In Lily and Trooper’s Summer, the day’s events are similarly adventurous and range from a bike ride to the beach to picking flowers that turn out to be filled with bees.

Spetter, born in South Korea and now living in The Netherlands, has captured the spirit of childhood, or at least the childhood one wishes to have. The days are lazy, yes, but not without their excitement and the activities are definitely seasonal, as the titles reflect. (There are also Lily and Trooper fall and winter books.)

With their simple text and attractive illustrations, the books will be enjoyed from everyone from babies to toddlers to beginning readers.

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