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Lighthouse Ghosts

13 Bona Fide Apparitions Standing Watch Over America's Shores

Lighthouse Ghosts contains thirteen tales and information about lighthouses that have paranormal activity and reports of ghost hauntings in and around the lighthouses and lighthouse grounds.

Written in a conversational and informative style, this book is intriguing and a good reference source for those interested in the paranormal, ghosts and/or lighthouses. The retellings are entertaining. There is also a wealth of interesting information and gossip surrounding each lighthouse.

A few of the ghost stories are almost humorous, but many are downright spooky. One of the scary ones is that of a ghost, who haunts the New Presque Isle Light Station, which is north of Alpena, Michigan. There are two stories to explain this ghost who screams: one says that she cracked under the pressure of living in the isolation of a light station; the other says that her husband, the light station keeper, used to lock her in the tower so that he could freely go to town and spend time with another woman.

Another story, involving the St. Augustine Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida, is that of a helpful spirit. This spirit is known only as the “tall older man.” The story goes that a current employee of the light station was moving benches in this small theater the lighthouse contains. As the man was moving an especially long bench, someone or something picked up the other end and set it down right where it was supposed to go.

Yet another story tells of a lost wallet at the Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesota. A visitor to the restored lighthouse dropped his wallet, but when he went back to find it, the lighthouse was locked up for the night. One version of the story says that the man knocked on the door for a while before hearing something. He stepped back and saw an old man in a window. No one, however, would come to open the door. When he returned the next day, the employees of the lighthouse returned his wallet, but had nothing to say of the old man he had seen. The other version says that the door was opened after the man had pounded on it, for a while, and an old man handed the man his wallet before firmly and quietly shutting the door.

An attractive aspect of Lighthouse Ghosts is the short information blocks at the end of each section that gives tourist information about each lighthouse. These blocks tell where each one is and frequently provides directions on how to get there. They also provide phone numbers and other pertinent information.

Lighthouse Ghosts is for travelers to lighthouses as well as for dark and stormy nights.

Reviewed by Crystal Forkan

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