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It's Not the Market, It's Your Marketing

Tips and Strategies to Market and Sell Your Property

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

The guy who sold us ’N Sync and the Backstreet Boys reveals straightforward marketing strategies for your company.

A concise guide for technophobes, It’s Not the Market, It’s Your Marketing explains in precise detail why selling real estate, or any commodity, via bulletin boards will not be successful, just as the postal service is no longer the most effective means of delivering pertinent information. These slow methods are as dated as the horse and carriage.

Internet-savvy experts may wonder why these common facts must be reiterated, but there is still a small percentage of people who rely on outdated procedures that lead to failure. Frustrated over the inability to revive a business or sell a product, these baffled individuals assume that it’s a difficult market to crack or that a bad economy is preventing them from achieving their goals. A comparable mistake is exclusive use of the phone or reliance on word of mouth to reach potential buyers when these techniques should be utilized in conjunction with twenty-first-century approaches.

Roman Bodnarchuk should know. The strategist behind the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, this pioneer lifted these groups from oblivion when the Internet hit the scene as a new marketing tool. Narrowing his focus on a target audience of teenage girls, he catapulted the two bands to fame. And he did it long before the advent of today’s social media, high-resolution graphics, video, and search-engine technology.

Bodnarchuk highlights all aspects of marketing, including online promotion, tracking, blogs, and touch-point plans. In few words, he addresses aspects of the psychology behind advertising: herd mentality, knowing how to speak to buyers, selling lifestyle, and telling a story. He goes on to describe the sensory aspects of marketing and the importance of conscientious details. Seeing a chapter titled “Build a World-Class Team” could lead one to believe this text is for entrepreneurs launching a huge company, but this is certainly not the case. Bodnarchuk’s advice applies to everyone from the small business owner to the head of a large corporation.

The book’s sole flaw is its flimsy packaging, which is perhaps more suited to office distribution than retail sale. Reducing costs has kept the price reasonable, but the cut-and-paste quality of the graphics may detract from the text’s valuable content.

Yet Bodnarchuk’s guide is top-notch, written in a straightforward and conversational style. He writes, “People, like projects, are made up of two halves. One side focuses on reason, the other side on emotion. One side is more concerned with magic, and the other side with logic. That’s why any successful marketing campaign should take into account both halves—and speak to both.”

Bodnarchuk is the CEO of N5R, a marketing firm founded in 1998. His slant is directed toward the real-estate sector, but the information presented is usable in other fields.

Reviewed by Julia Ann Charpentier

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