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Hey Men, Listen Up!

How to Get It Up and Keep Getting It Up: A Self-Help Book on Erectile Dysfunction

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

In these harried, post-modern times, when getting accurate answers to straightforward questions sometimes seems impossible, it’s a treat to find an easy to read, high quality little book on an awkward subject. Hey Men, Listen Up! is just that book. For men (and the women in their lives) confronted with erection problems, getting fast, informative, and discreet advice without having to slog through the Internet or a highly-technical medical journal is priceless.

Fletcher Derrick has been a practicing urologist for nearly fifty years, and has counseled thousands of men about all aspects of erectile dysfunction. He begins the book with definitions, then a primer on what to expect at what age, and the large role lifestyle choices play in causing or exacerbating erection problems. Stress, alcohol use, weight, hypertension, intimacy barriers, the wrong bike seat and a multitude of other controllable factors are discussed. Derrick suggests a variety of practical tools and changes readers can try at home (or in a hotel room), and how they should proceed if more intervention is needed. Derrick cites statistics and the experiences of his patients when discussing the pharmaceutical, surgical, and over-the-counter options. Each of which are explored with rates of success and possible side effects.

Certain feminist-minded readers might take issue with the author’s depiction of wives (everyone is married, of course, though a stripper makes a cameo appearance). At times, Derrick writes as if a man’s spouse is somewhat peripheral to sexual function, but then it is a book for men. That said, the friendly, relaxed style he uses is indicative of his exceptional expertise and professional confidence. Middle aged and older men will feel right at home with his humor and well chosen anecdotes from his practice. For example, he writes, “Another patient told me that he and his wife enjoyed sex on Sunday afternoon after church and lunch. He would place a pill in his jacket pocket and when church was over, he would go by the water fountain and take his pill. This was usually about thirty to forty minutes before lunch. When his nose began to get stuffy, he knew the medication was working. Everything worked well in the bedroom as well.”

Reviewed by Patty Sutherland

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