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Herbal Home Spa

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All you need to experience a full-body herbal spa treatment is this first-rate reference. Greta Breedlove opens the mysterious door to expensive spa indulgences and takes us on a guided tour of practical health and beauty. She begins with a complete survey of equipment, common herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, oils and other tools of the spa trade. She also describes how to determine and find quality ingredients.

Next we are shown step by simple step how to pamper every part of the body: Condition the hair with mayonnaise, lemons, or, for a true treat, rosewater and jojoba oil; soften abused hands with honey and almonds; soothe tired inflamed eyes with violet eye cream; calm both body and spirit with herbal body wraps, citrus bubble baths or a reflexology foot massage.

Sprinkled throughout the book are novel tips on how to incorporate treatments into our daily lives and share beauty with others. But most of all, we are encouraged to have fun, relax and open up to the creative process of maintaining health and beauty. A professional spa may rejuvenate our body, but Breedlove clearly shows us that when we nourish our bodies ourselves, we also nourish our inner beauty and harmony, not to mention our pocketbooks.

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