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Gazing into the Eternal

Reflections Upon a Deeper Purpose to Living

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

“If enlightenment is your goal, make it your journey.” This is the motto of Belzebuub, a Gnostic spiritual teacher. In this collection of interviews, talks, and articles, he offers diverse and accessible approaches to making life more meaningful and fulfilling.

The author asserts that spirituality is lived in every instant of one’s life, suggesting, “Let’s look at what we actually do, because spirituality is in what we do at any given moment: not in an idea, a hobby, or a belief which we adopt when we conveniently wish to or when we like to, but it’s in the way that we live.”

Belzebuub is a practitioner of the ancient philosophy of Gnosis, which, he explains, means “knowledge” in Greek, but which he describes as “a kind of knowledge that is beyond the mind and the intellect-the knowledge of the heartÂ…and there are techniques we can use to find it.” Throughout this book, he provides such techniques. He instructs that direct experience is a better teacher than reading about a subject or listening to others’ accounts of it.

His techniques, he writes, “involve generally observing ourselves, being aware, studying ourselves, and there are also exercises of meditation, exercises to have out-of-body experiences, to remember our dreams … If we just take an academic approach to all of this, it becomes a discussion of what we have read, and that’s not Gnosis. Gnosis is what we have experienced.” He goes on to guide the reader in how to have experiences that further the enlightened spiritual life.

Belzebuub was born Mark Pritchard in Wales; he writes under his spiritual name, which came to him during a lifetime of mystical experiences. He leads courses and retreats in Gnosis and spiritual growth around the world, and has written several previous books on such subjects, including The Peace of the Spirit Within and A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams.

This book gives an introduction to Gnosis and Belzebuub’s basic techniques, and then goes on to offer lessons in such pursuits as the use of time, classical music melodies, finding meaning in ancient sacred texts, near-death experiences, and gazing into the eternal.

In the last chapter, the author’s poem describes the kind of day he likes to have: “My kind of day is when I wake up / and walk in this peaceful awareness… // When communication is almost telepathic / When words are spoken with meaning… // When it feels like being in paradise / This is my kind of day.”

Gazing into the Eternal provides practical and transcendent lessons in how to have this kind of day every day.

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