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Folks Upset by the Capital Karma

A Shock and Awe Campaign for Political Reform

Clarion Rating: 2 out of 5

In a ststorm of barbed humor and bawdy acronyms the Folks Upset by the Capital Karma shish-kabob the entire U.S. Congress and propose a political platform just wide enough to stand on one-footed. The authors want an end to federal debt and deficit spending. “Would anyone with substance commit three hundred million people to each write a check for 30000? Would anyone with substance spend over six hundred billion dollars in Iraq in lieu of providing health care for everyone in America?” Dissatisfaction with Congress’ performance is combated with densely packed sexual innuendoes. Their plan for recapturing the legislative branch from the unaccountable spendthrifts actively indebting the citizenry is the “2008 Cure for Electile Dysfunction.”

The political platform is minimally stated: “No deficit no debt!” The goal is to defeat all current members of congress with third party candidates capturing the presidency also. Beyond that all is ambiguous undefined. There is not enough structure to build meaningfully upon. As incomplete as the solution is equally clear is whom the authors blame for American society’s problems: “The Nine Trillion Dollar Man and his Capitol Cohorts” the “Two-Party Pirates.” etc. Among the few specific positions staked out are outrage at policies which increase poverty and opposition to a higher minimum wage—apparent contradictions. Some serious direct statements are hard to argue against: “I believe in living in peace and living within our means promote abundance a healthier planet and better opportunities for our children.”

Collaborative Experience LLC (the name partly inspired by an innovative divorce process known as the Collaborative Method) so far consists of two individuals who aren’t on the same page. Tricia White a sex therapist and a mental health staffer for the Red Cross following Hurricane Katrina is more than a little angry about “economic apartheid” war spending and the lack of an adequate healthcare system. Divorce lawyer Frank Zilatis is out to beat Dennis Hoppers’ Frank Booth character from the movie Blue Velvet in sheer F-word versatility adapting it to as many parts of speech as possible. It is duly noted that his wife is underwhelmed by this fascination.

The subtitle A Shock and Awe Campaign for Political Reform is obviously a call to action. The blue-worded delivery signals a gimmick rather than a bold new movement. Zealous passion for change shines through the witticisms. The Folks Upset by the Capital Karma are fired up funny at times but they will have to enlist the assistance of sound public policy analysts before they are ready to come together as a political party and take over the third place showing from Ralph Nader.

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