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Dowsing for Health and Harmony

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Dowsing for Health and Harmony is a concise introduction to using dowsing tools to connect with one’s spirit.

Chris Pisani’s engaging spiritual guidebook Dowsing for Health and Harmony introduces tools and techniques to achieve healing and a balanced life.

Asserting that the consistent use of a pendulum or of dowsing rods increases spiritual sensitivity and awakens the chakras, this book shows how dowsing can be used. It introduces related remedies, information, foods, and household products, too. Here, any object that can be suspended from a string can be used as a pendulum, though a small crystal is suggested—crystals, the book says, have memories.

The book’s instructions are direct. It names means of using a pendulum in healing sessions, and intones that the practitioner is not the “healer,” per se—anyone can serve as a channel for divine healing energy. Among other basic techniques, it suggests practicing reverence and sincerity; focusing on one’s intentions; asking for protection; invoking the presence of spiritual guides and helpers; and means of working with white light energy. A chart is present to indicate chakra locations on the body, the colors associated with each, and the symptoms of blocked, out of balance, or closed chakras. Such diagrams stand to be of use to beginners.

Also useful for those considering practice is the book’s section on dowsing rods, which gives instructions for how to use rods to evaluate and determine the extent of a person’s energetic field. Along with its emphasis on balance, health, and healing, the book also lists other topics for which it says dowsing is effective: locating missing people, choosing where to live, healing animals, and finding lost objects are among the tasks for which it recommends the use of a pendulum. Dowsing rods are said to be of particular use when it comes to purchasing property: Pisani asserts that they can be used to locate and correct areas of geopathic stress; find structural faults and water problems in buildings; and locate hidden water pipes, underground water, and energy lines that might be injurious to health.

But while the text contains a wealth of beginners’ information that is presented in an accessible manner, its many grammatical and agreement errors combine with incorrect word choices and incomplete sentences to hinder engagement with its work. And while the book’s cover is beautiful, the purple lines surrounding the text result in a cramped appearance.

Dowsing for Health and Harmony is a concise introduction to using dowsing tools to connect with one’s spirit and to channel healing energy for all.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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