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Dawn of Unity

Guide to a New Prosperity

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Edgar Cayce, a psychic and the man considered to be the father of the New Age movement, once said, “All you may know of heaven or hell is within your own self.” In a time when there’s an ever-widening rift between political parties, volatility in the economy, corruption in government, and a multitude of other problems in the world, it may be difficult to believe that one person could change the status quo. But that’s exactly what John B. Leonard proposes in his book, Dawn of Unity: Guide to a New Prosperity.

Leonard begins his book by asking his readers to put aside their fears and beliefs and to strive to see themselves differently. He believes that people need to accept that life is in a perpetual state of change, that individuals must take personal responsibility for their lives, and that they must choose to set high ideals for themselves. Once his concepts are put into practice, Leonard writes, then people can work together to be a force of good in our nation. From there, the author outlines how his principles can apply to justice, taxes, learning, and any other issue that our country faces.

Dawn of Unity is a powerful book about hope. Leonard asks his readers to put aside the restrictions of politics and religion in an effort to help others, so they can change the government. It’s truly an ambitious goal. While some of his ideas echo the concepts that Cayce, Norman Vincent Peale, and similar thinkers have written, few authors have both focused on individual betterment and outlined how citizens can work together to make a better nation, if not a better world. Leonard writes, “In a world of differences, we have virtually an unlimited selection of goals that could be pursued. Before we set out to succeed in life, then, it might be helpful to first discover what our own purpose or purposes might be.”

While the concepts applied here may seem daunting to the new initiate reading these principles for the first time, Leonard is a clear writer who comprehensively expresses his ideas with an honest ambition and genuine voice. Readers of Cayce, Peale, and similar writers will find Dawn of Unity a worthy addition to their library, while political readers may wonder if the ideas here might be a path out of the situation our country is in today.

Reviewed by Katerie Prior

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