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Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Executives who fail to read this book do so at their own peril.

Rob Arnold’s Cybersecurity: A Business Solution offers a simple yet effective plan for small business owners to prepare for and prevent cyberattacks.

There is perhaps no more timely topic for businesses right now than cybersecurity, thanks to numerous recent reports about credit bureau and retail hacks. Every business is vulnerable, which is why Rob Arnold’s brief yet informative book should be required reading for the executives of small and medium-sized businesses.

Arnold approaches cybersecurity as a business proposition, not as a technical problem. The book begins with an overview of “cyber risk management” that addresses cybersecurity holistically, discussing the basics of measuring risk as well as strategic and tactical planning. This is followed by a clear, concise description of the benefits and implementation of a cyber risk assessment.

Chapter 4, “Prevention and Preparedness,” is perhaps one of the key chapters in the book. Included are details of the specific steps involved in both prevention and preparedness, with bulleted lists for emphasis. The examples cited in the “Detect,” “Respond,” and “Recover” sections should prove particularly valuable to any business executive who wants to formulate a checklist of critical items.

Similarly, the author’s suggestion to inventory business assets in the areas of data, systems, devices, and services could be one of the most important steps a business executive can take. As Arnold points out, “Those claiming they are ‘not an Internet company’ will be shocked to learn just how connected and exposed they really are.” Other chapters concern budget planning and implementation.

With this book, it is clear that Arnold, who cofounded a cybersecurity risk analysis firm, does not intend to dive deeply into the technical details of cybersecurity or preventing cyberattacks. This is not a book for the IT manager or implementation team; instead, the content speaks directly to the nontechnical business manager, raising the level of awareness for a critically important issue that can, quite literally, bring down a business. In fact, Arnold cites a recent report indicating that “nearly one-quarter of small businesses that suffered a ransomware attack were forced to immediately stop their operations.”

What Cybersecurity: A Business Solution lacks in bulk, it makes up for in clarity. Arnold addresses the business executive in plain language, using short paragraphs, tables, and examples. He has the ability to demystify cybersecurity and discuss it in business terms that are familiar to managers.

His conclusion will surely resonate with business owners: “The value of data has grown exponentially over the past decades and appears to be accelerating. Unfortunately, growth in value also means growth in liability. That is why cybersecurity boils down to a business problem.” Executives who fail to read this book do so at their own peril.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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