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Master Formulas for Serious Bread Bakers

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Reinhart has provided not only a cookbook with delicious recipes, but a book that takes you, as a student, on a journey through the art and background history of breadmaking. He inspires and motivates throughout, and keeps the process remarkably simple.

Every form of bread is explored—from the different types of grains, of yeasted, leavened and unleavened breads to brioches, kugelhopfs, challahs, holiday breads, sweet doughs, crackerbreads, chapatis, matzohs, nans, tortillas, pizza doughs, focaccias, biscuits, scones, pancakes, cornbreads, beerbreads and baguettes.

After reading, exploring and actually baking a loaf yourself, the result is not only gratification, but a reader/baker who will feel like they’ve graduated from the culinary academy of bread baking.The outline is perfect in this 8″x 9″ guide (although a spiral-bound casing would have been a better choice). Formulas and explanations are extremely simplified for both novice and experienced. Highly recommend; this is a great cookbook which will appeal to a general audience.

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