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October 2008

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2008.

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Book Review

Deadly Intuition

Author E.A. Mourn’s apparent influences for her debut novel "Deadly Intuition" range from the television and movie series Highlander to formulaic horror movies and supernatural romances. Her protagonist Megan Chiles has disturbing... Read More

Book Review

Project Dark Savior

“The early morning sky had a slightly pinkish hue that reminded Ewan of blood tainted water.” This is the opening line of E.A. Mourn’s crime thriller "Project Dark Savior" which struggles to tell the now age-old tale of a detective... Read More

Book Review

A Missing Link in Leadership

Dr. Richard Berry a former instructor at the United States Military Academy and Chief Strategy Officer at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in Hawaii offers his views on leadership theory as it relates to the military in this... Read More

Book Review

Oracle's Legacy

“She was a bad omen” the author writes. “Looking at her wild curly hair and her big brown baby-doll eyes it wasn’t obvious but she was trouble. Trouble he didn’t need. Several of the clientele were already eyeing her scoping... Read More

Book Review


Névine Salvadé’s memoir tells the story of her cosmopolitan life full of impulse and compassion which led to her spiritual awakening and a desire to help others. Born to a beautiful American mother and a sometimes abusive Lebanese... Read More

Book Review

Bravest of the Brave

For historians finding an old diary is akin to discovering gold. Even the shortest entry written by the most ordinary person is likely to provide a valuable snapshot of their daily life for posterity. For H. Alden Fletcher the author of... Read More

Book Review


"Imminent" is a quirky unique science-fiction adventure. Two advanced species the pacifist Imminent and the pugnacious Zeastians share a planetary system called Loknyss; a beautiful world that they fear would be despoiled if not outright... Read More

Book Review

The Bitter and Sweet

"The Bitter and Sweet" begins like a stereotypical romance novel. A young foolish heroine rides her horse into a storm and is rescued by a mysterious older man. She is immediately intrigued by him while he all but ignores her. The... Read More

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