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August 2008

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 2008.

Book Review

Celebrate Family

by Emily Adams

Celebrate Family: Strategies for Creating Lasting Joy In the Home is a readable and delightful directive that provides families with practical ideas to help them encourage warmth and closeness. Don Voss chronologically and logically... Read More

Book Review

Dutch Clarke

Just as the news photographer focuses the camera for the perfect shot to capture a moment, the novelist writing about World War II must hone in on the details that will create a compelling reality. Author Brian D. Ratty, a photographer... Read More

Book Review

The Alchymist and the Silurist

With a wordy reserved style slightly reminiscent of Dickens but without the old master’s knack for storytelling James E. Vaughan attempts to fictionalize the lives of his quirky and historical ancestors: Thomas the alchemist Vaughan... Read More

Book Review

You Lifted My Head

“Nothing that happens in your life not even falling into sin is devoid of purpose” the author writes; “God salvages it and causes it all to work together for your good.” L. Iona Halliman writes from a Christian perspective to... Read More

Book Review

The Century Collection

“Ten poems per subject / and a hundred grouped haikus / right wrongs rail weep pray.” This seventeen-word description of J.A. Rooney’s collection of socially conscious poems "The Century Collection" is from the author himself. The... Read More

Book Review


A jumble of family ties betrayals and criminal behavior relating to racehorses form the basis of Suzanne Knoebel’s novella "Heritage". Protagonist Seth Stevens first becomes a player in the thoroughbred industry when his father drowns... Read More

Book Review

From the Heart of a Down Chick

It is poetry’s challenge to say in few words what cannot be said in many. To this end a poet has available many devices to convey meaning and evoke an emotional response in readers; devices like rhythm or rhyme have the power to bypass... Read More

Book Review

A Canyon Trilogy

“It seems like no job can be completed by the expert doing the work for there is always something unique that their work doesn’t include. So the finishing person is almost always me—choreographing some way to tie that last knot”... Read More

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