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July 2005

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2005.

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Book Review

Finding a Man Worth Keeping

“During my twenties and thirties, I dated more than one hundred men—ninety-seven of whom asked me out for a second date. I know the secrets for attracting a man.” So the author boldly summarizes her qualifications to guide single... Read More

Book Review

Creed Without Chaos

Before there was Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ to bust the theological block, Dorothy L. Sayers shocked British audiences with her play, The Man Born to Be King. In the introduction to the controversial play of 1943, she... Read More

Book Review


by Erica Wright

This is an appropriate poet to carry on the tradition of Walt Whitman. The poems in this first collection may not contain “barbaric yawps,” but they certainly speak authoritatively. In “Self-Portrait as Miranda,” the speaker... Read More

Book Review

While We've Still Got Feet

“Yak. Yak. Yak. / All these intellectuals ever want to do is talk. / They think words will get them somewhere,” writes this poet, playing with the ironic concept that while a poet must use words, he is aware that the words may be... Read More

Book Review

Teaching the Trees

“We all love trees,” says the author. A self-professed tree-hugger, Maloof teaches biology and environmental studies at Salisbury University in Maryland. Her fine and fascinating book is something of a family album of the beloved... Read More

Book Review

Watching Daytime Soap Operas

by Johanna Massé

Conventional wisdom states that soap operas are escapist fantasies for lonely, passive women. This book goes far beneath the skin of this myth and succeeds not only in dispelling it, but also in showing the unique characteristics of this... Read More

Book Review

Chocolate on Trial

by Robin Dasher-Alston

In 1909, the English press was abuzz with news about the libel trial of Cadbury Brothers vs. the London Standard newspaper. Cadbury, owned by the Quaker Cadbury family, had a reputation in England and abroad as a progressive and highly... Read More

Book Review

Trespassing Time

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

A high school student passing through the cemetery on her way to class; a foster kid and a dilapidated old airplane; an engaged couple sifting through antiques in an attic; a pioneer woman’s night on the homestead without her husband.... Read More

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