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July 2004

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2004.

Book Review

Los versos del Capitn

by Sandy McKinney

For the contemporary reader, this book will perhaps be redolent of the film Il Postino (The Postman), which was set on the Isle of Capri, where the poet lived in exile with his lover, Matilde Urrutia, later his wife. The poems were... Read More

Book Review

Moon Loon

by Linda Salisbury

The unforgettable, haunting call of a loon stirs the imagination of a young girl who visits a lake in Maine each summer. Based on the author’s own experience in those verdant woods, the book’s verses are filled with imaginings and... Read More

Book Review

Age of Bronze

by Marlene Satter

Mention the Trojan War and the image that comes to most minds is the Trojan Horse. The author-illustrator has taken a lesser-known tale about that war and turned it into a very human adventure, with all the human failings and... Read More

Book Review

25 Months

by Maritta Coppieters

One warm autumn afternoon, the author finds her world turned upside down when she awakes from a nap as usual, but her husband does not. Instead of waking normally, Jack’s return to consciousness is abruptly overshadowed by the sudden... Read More

Book Review

Hector Acebes

by Karl Kunkel

Normally, a photo might say a thousand words. But with these remarkable photos of Africa, that estimate must be raised considerably. Acebes, a Colombian with a decidedly international upbringing and spirit of adventure to match,... Read More

Book Review

The Secret of the Hardy Boys

by Alan J. Couture

Frank and Joe Hardy have been solving mysteries as teenage detectives since 1926. The Hardy Boys books have sold more than fifty million copies, and new stories are being published today. Even the series’ first three books (The Tower... Read More

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