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June 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 1999.

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Book Review

The End of the Class War

by Elizabeth Millard

Within the first few paragraphs of each of the author’s short stories, a character will emerge that makes the reader either yearn for the tale to be longer or smile in recognition of a friend, family member or even one’s self. Such... Read More

Book Review

From Closet to Casket

Fortyish Vera Austin—who lives alone with her short grey hair, her thrift-shop wardrobe and her beloved dog—is being haunted in the mystery novel From Closet to Casket. The spirit belongs to Emily Engle, a tenant of the Indianapolis... Read More

Book Review

Truman and Pendergast

by Karl Helicher

Few verbal assaults riled Harry S. Truman more than being called the “Senator from Pendergast,” a reference to Thomas Pendergast, Truman’s political mentor and corrupt boss of the Kansas City, Missouri, Democratic Party machine... Read More

Book Review

Virginia Woolf

by Leeta Taylor

The renaissance of Virginia Woolf still blooms. Successively reborn into our polemical age of interdisciplinary feminist studies, her witty and passionate rebellion against Victorian/Edwardian cultural, literary and sexual patriarchy has... Read More

Book Review

Queer Japan

by Michele McDonald

“The first time I ever fell in love with someone was in my first year of junior high. It was a girl in my class, and even after coming home from school I would think of her and long to touch her. But I kept my feelings hidden because I... Read More

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