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Book Review

In the Land of a Thousand Gods

by Scott Neuffer

In the introduction to this new English translation of "In the Land of a Thousand Gods", ancient history expert Christian Marek teases that because of its largeness and cultural diversity, ancient Asia Minor could never be... Read More

Book Review

The New Atlas of World History

by Penny Hastings

No less than the history of the world—beginning 100,000 years ago and extending through 2010—is presented in The New Atlas of World History: Global Events at a Glance, using comprehensive maps, timelines, and pertinent graphics.... Read More

Book Review

Cities for People

by J. G. Stinson

What would a modern city look like if it was designed around people instead of traffic, around public spaces instead of roads? Why are some European cities so full of people walking and cycling? Architect and author Jan Gehl presents a... Read More

Book Review

African Spirituality

by James Abraham

A soul is as resilient and as sure to return as a soccer ball tossed back into the field of play: this sublime metaphor for a West African concept of the soul’s endurance livens up the collection of essays on African cosmology.... Read More

Book Review

Living Root

by George Cohen

Bialystok, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach—these are the cities brought to life in Living Root. Bialystok was the Russian-Polish city from which Heller’s grandfather, a rabbi and teacher, fled in 1911, leaving behind the pogroms and... Read More