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Book Review

Slow-Cooked Thoughts

by Emily Webber

The eclectic entries of "Slow-Cooked Thoughts" prompt inquiry related to the value of art and the importance of maintaining respect for the natural world. "Slow-Cooked Thoughts" compiles Rohan de Soysa’s articles, lectures,... Read More

Book Review

Prisoners of the Third Reich

by Benjamin Welton

"Prisoners of the Third Reich" views history through the experiences of a brave but normal man and his fellow soldiers who survived the horrors of the Nazi war machine. W. E. Welbourne’s historical biography "Prisoners of the Third... Read More

Book Review

Harwoods of Darwen

by Angela McQuay

This volume concludes the story of a family that becomes alive once again through their descendant’s hard work and determination to tell their tale. The Harwoods of Darwen: Volume 2, Part II is a study in how one man’s determination... Read More