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Book Review


by Kristine Morris

"Aspirations" is an educational guide that will be a source of encouragement to photographers in the early stages of their own careers. Part memoir, part career guide, photographer Raymond J. Klein’s "Aspirations" aims to help aspiring... Read More

Book Review

The Stuff of Family Life

by Catherine Reed-Thureson

"The Stuff of Family Life", by Michelle Janning, is a fascinating sociological exploration of what material goods say about people and society. Examining both spaces and objects, the book looks at different life stages and the living... Read More

Book Review

The Evangelicals You Don't Know

by Melissa Wuske

Informative book examines the social and political changes that are crafting a new breed of theologically conservative Christians. Non-evangelical, Tom Krattenmaker is a religion columnist for USA Today. He is also the author of Onward... Read More

Book Review


by Erik Bledsoe

Readers whose only exposure to Herman Melville was an assigned reading of Moby Dick in college may be surprised to learn that Melville also wrote poetry. Almost certainly, some of those same readers wish that their professor had assigned... Read More

Book Review

A Handbook For Mortals

by P.C. Voice

If a foreword by former first lady Rosalynn Carter is not enough to make one take this handbook seriously, then the subject matter will. “Am I dead yet?” one seriously ill patient is quoted to have asked his nurse. When told no, he... Read More