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Book Review

Riding the Giant Catfish

by Rachel Jagareski

Los Angeles has just been hit by a massive earthquake. There is a huge loss of life from building and highway collapses, natural gas explosions, and fires. The runways at LAX are damaged, a tsunami has taken out the harbor, and there are... Read More

Book Review

With a Song in My Psyche

by Kristine Morris

Thorough knowledge of the psychological and physical underpinnings of great singing is essential for voice teachers and for singers at all stages of their careers, whether they are already welcomed on the great stages of the world or... Read More

Book Review

The Unhappy Child

by Amy Rea

Although early twenty-five percent of U.S. children suffer from depression, fewer than twenty percent of emotionally troubled children in this country receive help. Yet the vast majority of parents, if asked, would likely say that what... Read More

Book Review


“Saints are venerated not because they are essentially different from us but because they are essentially the same,” writes Bonfante-Warren in her introduction. The stories here continually remind readers of this. They show fallible... Read More

Book Review

The Acoustic Guitar

by Peter Terry

The Acoustic Guitar is an ambitious coffee-table book. It charts the evolution of the acoustic guitar from origins in the sixteenth century to the present time. There is a wealth of information here for the novice, containing at least a... Read More