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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 644 pages.

Book Review

The Renaissance

by Geraldine Richards

Pick up this book if you want to see beyond a worshipping view of the historical period that shaped the modern world with all its glories and horrors. "The Renaissance", with nineteen essays plus photo explorations, changes the... Read More

Book Review


Leon Rose has a problem with his past: It’s not his. A city planning commissioner in modern Oregon, Leon finds himself overwhelmed by firsthand memories of trench warfare in World War I. He soon discovers a past life as a British... Read More

Book Review

Wandering Hearts

Beautiful auburn-haired nineteen-year-old Raine Foster lives in the leaky ruin of her family horse farm with her demented grandmother. While that’s disheartening enough the local aristocratic is hot to saddle her up and use her as a... Read More

Book Review

Tink Wilson

Jim Bouton’s classic Ball Four shook up the sport of baseball as no book since has ever been able to do — until now. "Tink Wilson" just may be the Ball Four for our times although the setting is the pivotal year of 1963. The book... Read More