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Reviews of Books with 596 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 596 pages.

Book Review

Eli's Children

by Stephanie Bucklin

Eli’s Children provides an interesting look at a privileged world that, though coveted, also has its dangers. Gerard G. Nahum’s Eli’s Children is a quiet novel about one young man’s coming-of-age journey, related through the lens... Read More

Book Review

Béla's Letters

by Susan Waggoner

This is a book that deals honestly with the sharp edges of guilt, remorse, and aftershock common to survivors of traumatic events. The vast tragedy of the Holocaust is brought to heartbreaking life in Jeff Ingber’s reality-inspired... Read More

Book Review

Light of the Desert

by Jill Allen

Walters’s poignant novel puts a human face on “honor killings” while tapping into the universal quandaries surrounding faith, hope, guilt, and familial love. The moral consequences of religiously motivated killings are but one... Read More