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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 56 pages.

Book Review

The Adventures of Teko

by Carol Davala

This personal story about a rescue dog is warm and emotive, full of heartfelt human and animal connections. In Barbara Ann Ellicott’s heartwarming, pet-centered memoir "The Adventures of Teko", a young adopted dog finds his forever... Read More

Book Review

Toilet Trouble

by Rebecca Monterusso

A great companion for early readers, "Toilet Trouble" will make its audience want to practice rhymes. Brett Fleishman’s poems in "Toilet Trouble" are aimed at inspiring laughter through silly concepts as their audience learns to read.... Read More

Book Review

Bear's Tooth

by Peter Dabbene

Bear’s Tooth 1: Max, a graphic novel by Yann and Alain Henriet, is the first of three books so far that tell the story of three childhood friends whose fates will be linked as adults throughout World War II. Translated from the... Read More

Book Review

Clive's Jobs

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Find out how Clive uses his imagination every day to become a waiter, a librarian, a teacher, a nurse, and more while encouraging his diverse circle of friends to cut, paste, sing, dance, and explore together. Create original scenarios... Read More

Book Review

Out of Wonder

by Matt Sutherland

Like any artform or creative pursuit, the great poets developed subtle, incredibly effective personal styles. In their unique use of words and ideas, they performed a type of magic that repeatedly delivered aha moments to thousands of... Read More

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