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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 28 pages.

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Book Review

Bobby and Boo

by Rebecca Monterusso

"Bobby and Boo" is straightforward, educational, and fun, with engaging characters who learn to count in Chinese alongside their audience. In Kathy de Bruin’s Bobby and Boo Learn to Count in Chinese Too, a boy and his cat go about... Read More

Book Review

Crash Boom Splash

by Kristine Morris

"Crash Boom Splash" is an engaging story of family love and friendship that shows what can happen when that love and caring are extended to the wider world. In Paul Sutherland’s beautifully illustrated children’s book, "Crash Boom... Read More

Book Review

Dear Dinosaur

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

When his trip to the The City Museum is cut short, Max is encouraged by an enthusiastic curator to write a letter to his favorite dinosaur, sparking an entertaining and cleverly educational correspondence between a boy and a T. Rex in... Read More

Book Review

Duluth the Dragon

by Sarena Nanua

Fun illustrations and clever dialogue make this humorous fantasy tale about beating bullies irresistible. Duluth the Dragon: A Big Red Bully by Devon Buffett is a whimsical tale of dragons and fairies, meshing fantasy and real life... Read More

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