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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 131 pages.

Book Review

Hear Our Cry

by Aimee Jodoin

"Hear Our Cry" is a medical memoir that makes a compelling, emotional argument for biotherapy and compassion in wound care. Part memoir, part medical text, Aletha W. Tippett’s "Hear Our Cry" is both emotional and logical as it... Read More

Book Review

Corporate Recruiter Tells All

by Lauren Kramer

Most of us have spent time pounding the pavement looking for work at some point in our lives, with various degrees of desperation and determination. Part of that search often involves soliciting the help of recruiters and hoping their... Read More

Book Review

Tall, Slim & Erect

by Joseph Thompson

From the 1950s up through the 1968 election, American toy maker Louis Marx produced a semi-educational series of presidential figurines. From Washington to Nixon, the presidents, each standing on a small base, were reduced to two and... Read More

Book Review

The Transform Diet

“High-protein diets may promote loss of kidney function.” “During a three-year period when the use of treadmills increased by 900 percent, obesity doubled.” “In a university study, many popular brands of bottled water actually... Read More

Book Review


by Deborah J. Shore

This author dares to look for wisdom in an age of poetic narcissism. Norris’s book is a journey—both through thirty years of writing (including material from previous books of poetry) and through regions of belonging, in the realms... Read More