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Bobby Cinema Top 103 Most Beautiful and Hottest Female Celebrities in the World

Clarion Rating: 1 out of 5

Hollywood starlets are counted down by a devoted celebrity follower.

The author known as Bobby Cinema offers a list of his favorite stars from film, television, and other media in the photo book Bobby Cinema Top 103 Most Beautiful and Hottest Female Celebrities in the World.

In his book Princess School (2012), the author explored fiction, but he truly seems to embrace nonfiction, demonstrating an encyclopedic knowledge of what’s going on in the entertainment world. His book Bobby Cinema 20 Movie and TV Show Plot Summary Ideas! (2013) discussed the creative side of that world, while Top 103 Most Beautiful and Hottest Female Celebrities is lighter and fun—the author references the magazines People, Maxim, and FHM as inspirations for his list. This book falls short in an important area that those magazines specialize in: photographs.

While there are occasional quality photographs provided, most of Bobby Cinema’s images seem to have been cut and pasted from various websites. Notwithstanding possible copyright issues, there’s a considerable lack of clarity that occurs when these images are blown up to full-page size, resulting in pixelated pictures that all but obscure most of the celebrities’ facial features.

Each photo is accompanied by a brief encapsulation of the person’s career and why she merits inclusion on the list. Most of the celebrities are actresses, with a few singers and the occasional celebrity who is not an entertainer (Number 63: Kate Middleton). These biographies are marred by a lack of careful editing; the entry for Middleton reads, in part: “They started out as friends and became attracted to her, when she modeled in the runway. Kate Middleton was the last person anyone thought would marry Prince William. Mostly she wouldn’t have been the first candidate at first.”

Although Bobby Cinema does seem to have his finger on the pulse of Hollywood, he often sums up his lists of celebrity credits with the same repeated phrases: “the sky is the limits” or “she can write her own ticket.”

The idea of creating a list of “hot” female celebrities is a popular one and, if executed well, could prove a fun read for those who like to keep tabs on the Hollywood set. There’s always enjoyment in arguing the order on any similar list—for example, Bobby Cinema places at number one Cindy Crawford, who, though undoubtedly a celebrity, keeps a relatively low profile these days. Anticipating such discussion and disagreement, Bobby Cinema invites readers to offer their comments and opinions, but without contact information, readers may find that difficult.

With serious flaws in both the writing and visual departments, even dedicated fans and followers of celebrities may find it hard to enjoy Bobby Cinema Top 103 Most Beautiful and Hottest Female Celebrities in the World. Yet, Bobby Cinema’s devotion to the world of the Hollywood starlet is clear.

Reviewed by Peter Dabbene

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