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Being the Change

How to Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution

2017 INDIES Winner
Bronze, Ecology & Environment (Adult Nonfiction)

Addressing both climate change helplessness and the meaning of everyday life, this book posits a personal, positive approach to environmental mindfulness.

Being the Change approaches climate change from a fundamentally different perspective. It repudiates the idea that individuals can do nothing about climate change and encourages mindful transition to a low-energy lifestyle—not as a sacrifice to stop a threat, but as a means of embracing a richer life.

This emphasis on the bright side of climate change mitigation has a good chance of resonating with ambivalent audiences, especially those whose carbon budgets may be conducive to cutting out air travel and giving up palm oil.

The book offers an unusually comprehensive and scientifically satisfying explanation of how climate change happens. While most people are familiar with the basics, and some will know about factors like albedo and feedback loops, Being the Change’s explanation will present something new to almost everyone. That it is able to do so in a straightforward way is a significant feat.

The book taps into a zeitgeist that encompasses the zero-waste movement, backyard chicken keeping, minimalism, and more.

Though the book does not obviate the importance of government action on climate change, it relegates the subject to its ultimate chapters, placing personal action front and center and presenting concrete advice, tips, and research to support its philosophies.

Likely to be popular, Being the Change is a worthy contender for display space in public libraries.

Reviewed by Anna Call

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