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Angels A to Z

In her thirty years as a crisis intervention therapist and author (Afterlife Journeys and Dream Yourself Awake for Women), Oliver has seen remarkable healings take place, and she credits each of these to the help of angels. Her collaboration with Lewis, professor of philosophy at the University of Wisconsin and author of The Dream Encyclopedia, The Astrology Book, and The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements, has resulted in a wide-ranging and thorough reference on the subject.

Christians, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Jews, Muslims, Theosophists, and others of the world religious traditions all speak of “good” or “fallen” angels and angel-like beings. The devotion to angels has often been intense, causing religious leaders to fear a competition with God. Although the personal, mystic, and artistic fascination with angels waxes and wanes, the current age has seen a revival of interest in the subject, spurred on by modern Evangelical Protestantism and the metaphysical/spiritual or “New Age” subculture.

Angels A to Z is a comprehensive alphabetical guide to the history, appearance, and purpose of angels and other winged beings. The text is enhanced with photographs of artistic representations of angels as well as information on the writers, filmmakers, philosophers, saints, and theologians who have added patina to the original belief. Each short article lists sources for readers who might wish to study the topic in greater depth.

For those who feel they’ve had personal encounters with otherworldly creatures, the book will provide interesting background to a profound experience; those merely intrigued will find a cultural reference and historical perspectives on these “messengers of God.”

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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