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"Thaw" is passionate and raw, with a reminder that love isn’t the same for everyone. Elyse Springer’s "Thaw" explores love and what it means to show it, with two people in a... Read More

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This is a high-adrenaline love story that takes hopeful turns. Garrett Leigh’s "Strays" is a slow-burn romance set in the heated and high-intensity world of the London... Read More

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The Silvers

Respect, trust, and, ultimately, love between two men of different species is rendered compelling and utterly believable in J. A. Rock’s "The Silvers". B., captain of a small... Read More

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Psychological as well as physical horror elevates this sci-fi thriller to a disturbingly exciting level. Mo Rees, employee of the BathyTech mining company, gets the adventure he... Read More

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