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Book Review

Always Will

This lighthearted romantic comedy pushes its self-assured female protagonist down a constantly twisting path toward adulthood. Having a crush on an older sibling’s best friend... Read More

Book Review

The Healer

The questioning of religious faith lies at the heart of a novel about a man who must decide whether he will submit to a God-given destiny. Christian Pendragon wasn’t looking... Read More

Book Review

Serpent Tide

Wesley Vandergrift is being suffocated by his mother … and by the fact that he is heir to billions. Vengeful and prone to rage when things are not going her way, wealthy yet... Read More

Book Review

Sweetwater Rescue

“The way to have a warm sleeping place was this—sweep away the ashes of the campfire and lay your bed on the spot where the fire had been built,” wrote Englishman John... Read More