Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2011 Foreword INDIES Finalists

Adult Fiction

A Kingdom's Possession (978-1-935961-22-2) by Nicole J. Persun, Booktrope Editions
Beasts of New York (978-0-88984-341-7) by Jon Evans and Jim Westergard (illustrator), The Porcupine's Quill
Imlich's Tale (978-1-4327-7539-1) by Elizabeth Carroll, Outskirts Press
Impure (978-1-4620-2032-4) by J. R. Bailey, iUniverse
Scimitar's Heir (978-1-897492-39-0) by Chris A. Jackson, Dragon Moon Press
Stonewiser: The Lament of the Stone (978-0-9799682-3-5) by Dora Machado, Mermaid Press
The Cry of Havoc (978-0-615-52728-4) by John Hennessy, John Hennessy
The Curious Tale of Carter Nicholsworth (978-1-4611-7711-1) by M. Fox, CreateSpace
The Tides of Avarice (978-981-426053-4) by John Dahlgren, Editions Didier Millet
The Twelfth Stone (978-0-9814910-4-2) by Jana Laiz, Crow Flies Press
The Window Blind (978-1-4634-6001-3) by Patricia Colton, AuthorHouse
Gay & Lesbian
96 Hours (978-1-932859-84-3) by Georgia Beers, Bywater Books
Franky Gets Real (978-1-60282-585-7) by Mel Bossa, Bold Strokes Books
Sarah, Son of God (978-1-60282-212-2) by Justine Saracen, Bold Strokes Books
Shaken and Stirred (978-1-932859-79-9) by Joan Opyr, Bywater Books
Singing Her Alive (978-1-77067-119-5) by Diana K. Perkins, FriesenPress
The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov (978-1-57344-719-5) by Paul Russell, Cleis Press
Alabaster Houses (978-1-4563-5462-6) by Lara McLaughlin, Wye Knot Books
Before the First Snow (978-0-942991-19-2) by Walter M. Brasch, Greeley & Stone, Publishers
Bogmeadow's Wish (978-0-88146-230-2) by Terry Kay, Mercer University Press
Downward Dog, Upward Fog (978-1-936586-35-6) by Meryl Davids Landau, Alignment Publishing
Hassie Calhoun (978-0-9824584-7-1) by Pamela Cory, Scarletta Press
I Am Lucky Bird (978-1-908462-04-6) by Fleur Philips, New Dawn Publishers
Jane of the Jungle (978-1-4620-0293-1) by Jane Baskin, iUniverse
Mama's Shoes (978-1-4582-0066-2) by Rebecca D. Elswick, Abbott Press
Mercy Creek (978-1-891885-77-8) by Matt Matthews, Hub City Press
Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb (978-1-60953-035-8) by George Rabasa, Unbridled Books
Nothing Left to Lose (978-1-935514-94-7) by Allan Johnson, Plain View Press
Show Up, Look Good (978-1-928589-60-0) by Mark Wisniewski, Gival Press
Sleeping Tigers (978-1-4664-0483-0) by Holly Robinson, CreateSpace
The Descent of Man (978-1-60953-043-3) by Kevin Desinger, Unbridled Books
The Evolution of Thomas Hall (978-1-60641-836-9) by Kieth Merrill, Shadow Mountain
Altamont Augie (978-0-9830661-0-1) by Richard Barager, Interloper Press
Bending the Boyne (978-0-9831554-1-6) by J.S. Dunn, Seriously Good Books
Bohemian Girl (978-0-8032-2682-1) by Terese Svoboda, University of Nebraska Press
Fear Not The Storm (978-0-9704155-3-0) by Cathal Liam, St. Padraic Press
Fission (978-0-9819413-5-6) by Tom Weston, Tom Weston Media
Gardens of Grief (978-1-56703-056-3) by Boston Teran, High Top Publishing
Loyalty Binds Me (978-1-935188-25-4) by Joan Szechtman, Star Publish
Shame the Devil (978-1-4384-3587-9) by Debra Brenegan, SUNY Press
The Leaves of Fate (978-0-929701-82-0) by George Robert Minkoff, McPherson and Company Publishers
The Luminist (978-0-9790188-7-9) by David Rocklin, Hawthorne Books
Washed in the Blood (978-0-88146-257-9) by Lisa Alther, Mercer University Press
A Crooked Number (978-0-9746370-3-7) by Nathan Jorgenson, Flat Rock Publishing
All Cry Chaos (978-1-57962-222-0) by Leonard Rosen, The Permanent Press
Eromenos (978-0-9831554-0-9) by Melanie McDonald, Seriously Good Books
Indian Tango (978-0-924047-80-0) by Ananda Devi and Jean Anderson (translator), Host Publications
Mitzvah Man (978-0-89672-683-3) by John J. Clayton, Texas Tech University Press
Nahoonkara (978-0-9819687-6-6) by Peter Grandbois, Etruscan Press
Nijar Country (978-0-930829-43-8) by Juan Goytisolo, Peter Bush, translator and 15 B/W period photographs (illustrator), Helen Lane Editions, Lumen Books
Outside the Bones (978-1-55885-703-2) by Lyn Di Iorio, Arte Publico Press
The Absent Sea (978-0-929701-94-3) by Carlos Franz and Leland H. Chambers (translator), McPherson and Company
The Girls Club (978-1-932859-78-2) by Sally Bellerose, Bywater Books
The History of My Body (978-1-926975-02-3) by Sharon Heath, Thomas-Jacob Publishing
Uncertain Journey (978-1-931807-89-0) by James Rouman, Peter E. Randall Publisher
Whale Man (978-1-60226-007-8) by Alan Michael Parker, WordFarm
Alabaster Houses (978-1-4563-5462-6) by Lara McLaughlin, Wye Knot Books
Bodacious Blues (978-1-4327-7379-3) by Whitney J. LeBlanc, Outskirts Press Inc.
Cross Over Water (978-0-87417-838-8) by Richard Yañez, University of Nevada Press
From This Wicked Patch of Dust (978-0-8165-3004-5) by Sergio Troncoso, University of Arizona Press
Lawyer Geisha Pink (978-1-935270-10-2) by Jonathan Miller, Cool Titles
Midnight Sweatlodge (978-1-926886-14-5) by Waubgeshig Rice, Theytus Books
Randy Lopez Goes Home (978-0-8061-4189-3) by Rudolfo Anaya, University of Oklahoma Press
The Calligrapher's Secret (978-1-56656-830-2) by Rafik Schami; translated by Anthea Bell, Interlink Books/Interlink Publishing Group
Uncertain Journey (978-1-931807-89-0) by James Rouman, Peter E. Randall Publisher
Until Brazil (978-0-9836365-6-4) by Bethe Lee Moulton, The Glide Press
Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun (978-0-7387-2347-1) by Lois Winston, Midnight Ink
Black Diamond (978-1-60809-022-8) by John F. Dobbyn, Oceanview Publishing
Death at Pullman (978-0-9840676-9-5) by Frances McNamara, Allium Press of Chicago
For the Birds (978-1-60619-166-8) by Aaron Paul Lazar and Ardy Scott (illustrator), Paladin Timeless Books (Twilight Times imprint)
Fracture (978-0-89672-685-7) by Susan Cummins Miller, Texas Tech University Press
Lawyer Geisha Pink (978-1-935270-10-2) by Jonathan Miller, Cool Titles
Medieval Murders (978-1-4636-7098-6) by Aaron Stander, Writers and Editors
Murder on Music Row (978-0-89587-567-9) by Stuart Dill, John F. Blair
Poison Makers (978-0-9801835-4-2) by Jimmy Olsen, Hoffman House Press
Senestre on Vacation (978-1-60489-075-4) by Z.K. Burrus, Livingston Press
Temporary Perfections (978-0-8478-3630-7) by Gianrico Carofiglio, Rizzoli ExLibris
The American Cafe (978-0-8165-2922-3) by Sara Sue Hoklotubbe, University of Arizona Press
Trick of the Dark (978-1-932859-95-9) by Val McDermid, Bywater Books
How Huge the Night (978-0-8254-3310-8) by Heather Munn and Lydia Munn, Kregel Publications
Masterpiece (978-1-61739-733-2) by Charter Road, Tate Publishing
Sara's Laughter (978-0-9829904-3-8) by Tom Milton, Nepperhan Press
Sea Level (978-0-615-43586-2) by Nancy Kilgore, RCWMS
The Breath of God (978-1-933512-86-0) by Jeffrey Small, West Hills
The Chair (978-1-4336-7152-4) by James Rubart, B&H Fiction
The Promise of Deer Run (978-1-4620-3796-4) by Elaine Marie Cooper, iUniverse
Women of the Passion (978-0-9829640-0-2) by Joan D. Lynch, MSJ Press
Words (978-1-4336-7170-8) by Ginny Yttrup, B&H Fiction
Betrothed-The Gambia Story (978-1-77067-575-9) by Valeriana Bandeh, FriesenPress
Corrigans' Pool (978-0-9831197-1-5) by Dot Ryan, Checkered Swan Publishing
Firestorm (978-1-60282-232-0) by Radclyffe, Bold Strokes Books
Hassie Calhoun (978-0-9824584-7-1) by Pamela Cory, Scarletta Press
Love at Absolute Zero (978-0-9836329-1-7) by Christopher Meeks, White Whisker Books
Noble Cause (978-0-9796000-4-3) by Jessica James, Patriot Press
Recovery (978-1-4538-7570-4) by Alexandrea Weis, Create Space
The Dreaming (978-0-9716790-9-2) by Kim Murphy, Coachlight Press, LLC
The Immortal MacLeod (978-1-77067-279-6) by Kristy Pantin, FriesenPress
The Woman Who Loved Newfoundland (978-1-61766-188-4) by Audrey McClellan, 4 Square Books
To Serve a King (978-0-7582-4681-3) by Donna Russo Morin, Kensington
What the Heart Knows (978-1-936878-01-7) by Mara Purl, Bellekeep Books
Science Fiction
Avogadro Corp (978-0-9847557-0-7) by William Hertling, liquididea press
Blue Fall (978-0-9824817-4-5) by B. B. Griffith, Griffith Publishing
Cathedral of Dreams (978-1-935961-20-8) by Terry Persun, Booktrope Editions
Majesty's Offspring (978-1-4636-2114-8) by AJ Vega, Woven Worlds Publishing
Mind Over Mind (978-1-897492-36-9) by Karina L. Fabian, Dragon Moon Press
Shadows and Fire (978-1-4327-7846-0) by Jennifer Fales, Outskirts Press
The Crucible of Dawn (978-1-60264-233-1) by Mark Whiteway and Don Noble (illustrator),
The Hamlet Experiment (978-1-935361-50-3) by David Shifrin, Comfort Publishing
The Immune (978-0-9667612-2-1) by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer, LJS&S Publishing
Tracking Terra (978-1-4502-6911-7) by J.K. Scott, iUniverse
Vegans Are Tastier (978-1-4567-4830-2) by Joe DeMarco, AuthorHouse
Short Stories
Aftermath (978-0-9790188-6-2) by Scott Nadelson, Hawthorne Books
Binocular Vision (978-0-9823382-9-2) by Edith Pearlman, Lookout Books
Cream of Kohlrabi (978-1-936797-10-3) by Floyd Skloot, Tupelo Press
God Bless America (978-0-9845922-3-4) by Steve Almond, Lookout Books
In Which Brief Stories Are Told (978-0-8143-3507-9) by Phillip Sterling, Wayne State University Press
Knuckleheads (978-0-9827975-1-8) by Jeff Kass, Dzanc Books
Living Arrangements (978-1-886157-80-4) by Laura Maylene Walter, BkMk Press
Love/Imperfect (978-0-8143-3495-9) by Christopher T. Leland, Wayne State University Press
Marriage of Convenience, A (978-1-886157-78-1) by Andrew Plattner, BkMk Press, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Peril and Other Stories (978-1-4663-7495-9) by Doretta Wildes, CreateSpace
The Great Frustration (978-1-59376-416-6) by Seth Fried, Soft Skull Press
We Are Taking Only What We Need (978-1-886157-79-8) by Stephanie Powell Watts, BkMk Press, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Women and Clothes (978-0-924047-78-7) by Brigitte Kronauer and Jutta Ittner (translator), Host Publications
Thriller & Suspense
Blue Fall (978-0-9824817-4-5) by B. B. Griffith, Griffith Publishing
Code of Darkness (978-1-257-80263-0) by Chris Lindberg, Chris Lindberg
Fly by Night (978-1-60809-029-7) by Ward Larsen, Oceanview Publishing
Sleeper's Run (978-0-615-50544-2) by Henry Mosquera, Oddity Media
Specific Impulse (978-1-936236-59-6) by Charles Justiz, iUniverse
Suckerpunch (978-1-60542-225-1) by Jeremy Brown, Medallion Press
The Black Widows (978-1-936236-47-3) by Doug Zipes, iUniverse
The Breath of God (978-1-933512-86-0) by Jeffrey Small, West Hills
The Charlestown Connection (978-1-60809-024-2) by Tom MacDonald, Oceanview Publishing
The Man Who Saved Two Notch (978-0-9792067-4-0) by R.W. Ridley, Middlebury House Publishing
The Parsifal Pursuit (978-1-936274-23-9) by Michael McMenamin & Patrick McMenamin, Enigma Books
The Phoenix Apostles (978-0-7387-2666-3) by Lynn Sholes, Joe Moore, Midnight Ink Books
Waiting for Bones (978-1-4620-6159-4) by Donna Cousins, iUniverse

Adult Nonfiction

27 Views of Chapel Hill (978-0-9820771-9-1) by Daniel Wallace, Introduction, Eno Publishers
Ghost Writers (978-0-8143-3474-4) by Keith Taylor and Laura Kasischke, Wayne State University Press
Intensity (978-0-9837081-0-0) by Keren Taylor, editor, WriteGirl Publications
Into the Blue (978-1-59853-108-4) by Joseph J. Corn, The Library of America
Solace in So Many Words (978-0-9725254-6-6) by Various Contributors and Ellen Wade Beals (editor), Weighed Words LLC
Sovereign Erotics (978-0-8165-2972-8) by Qwo-Li Driskill, Daniel Heath Justice, Deborah Miranda, and Lisa Tatonetti, University of Arizona Press
The Other Latin@ (978-0-8165-2867-7) by Blas Falconer and Lorraine M. Lopez, University of Arizona Press
The Way of Natural History (978-1-59534-074-0) by Thomas Lowe Fleischner, Trinity University Press
When the Hero Comes Home (978-1-897492-25-3) by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood (Editors), Dragon Moon Press
Alexander Girard (978-1-934429-84-6) by Kiera Coffee and Todd Oldham, AMMO Books
Building After Auschwitz (978-0-300-16914-0) by Gavriel D. Rosenfeld, Yale University Press
Carrere and Hastings (978-0-8478-3564-5) by Laurie Ossman, Heather Ewing, and Steven Brooke (photographer), Rizzoli New York
Copan Sculpture Museum (978-0-87365-858-4) by Barbara W. Fash, Peabody Museum Press
Designing and Building (978-0-929112-59-6) by Brian Carter and Dan Rockhill (illustrator), Tuns Press
Fallingwater (978-0-8478-3599-7) by Lynda Waggoner (editor) and Christopher Little (photographer), Rizzoli International Publications
Uncommon Vernacular (978-1-933202-87-7) by John C. Allen Jr., Andrew Lewis (illustrator), and Walter Smalling Jr. (photographer), West Virginia University Press
Alexander McQueen (978-0-300-16978-2) by Andrew Bolton, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
California Light (978-0-8478-3625-3) by Jean Stern and Molly Siple, Skira Rizzoli
de Kooning: A Retrospective (978-0-87070-797-1) by John Elderfield, The Museum of Modern Art
Diego Rivera: Murals for The Museum of Modern Art (978-0-87070-817-6) by Leah Dickerman, The Museum of Modern Art
Homage to the Creative Spirit (978-0-9753752-4-2) by Karen Rechnitzer Pope, AMI Publishers
Liza Lou (978-0-8478-3461-7) by Texts by Eleanor Heartney, Lawrence Weschler, Arthur Lubow, and Peter Schjeldahl, Skira Rizzoli
One Hundred American Paintings (978-0-915977-73-4) by Paul Manoguerra, Georgia Museum of Art
The History of Rome in Painting (978-0-7892-1103-3) by Jacqueline Champeaux (editor), Maria Teresa Caracciolo (editor), and Roselyne De Ayala (editor), Abbeville Press
The Louvre (978-1-57912-886-9) by Erich Lessing & Vincent Pomarede, Black Dog & Leventhal
Traditional Palestinian Costume (978-1-56656-825-8) by Hanan Karaman Munayyer, Olive Branch Press/Interlink Publishing Group
Turkmen Jewelry (978-0-300-12404-0) by Layla S. Diba, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Working South: Paintings and Sketches by Mary Whyte (978-1-57003-967-6) by Mary Whyte, The University of South Carolina Press
Autobiography & Memoir
All In (978-1-60542-188-9) by Jerry Yang with Mark Tabb, Medallion Press
All the Pretty Shoes (978-1-936214-27-3) by Marika Roth, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing
Amazing Adventures of a Nobody (978-0-9843081-3-2) by Leon Logothetis, Bettie Youngs Books Publishing Company
Body of a Dancer (978-0-9832944-1-2) by Rene E. D'Aoust, Etruscan Press
Brazilian Journal (978-0-88984-347-9) by P.K. Page, The Porcupine's Quill
David and Lee Roy (978-0-89672-694-9) by David L. Nelson and Randolph B. Schiffer, Texas Tech University Press
Drunken Angel (978-1-936740-02-4) by Alan Kaufman, Viva Editions
Grip (978-0-9827547-0-2) by Nina Hamberg, Route One Press
Gunther Schuller (978-1-58046-342-3) by Gunther Schuller, University of Rochester Press
Incognito (978-0-615-41396-9) by Michael Sidney Fosberg, Incognito
Independently Animated: Bill Plympton (978-0-7893-2209-8) by Bill Plympton and David B. Levy, Universe Publishing
Innocent (978-1-934074-65-7) by B. Morrison, Apprentice House
Little Comrades (978-0-88984-342-4) by Laurie Lewis, The Porcupine's Quill
Not About Madonna (978-0-9832940-0-9) by Whit Hill, Heliotrope Books
Rattlesnake Daddy (978-1-935218-18-0) by Brent Spencer, The Backwaters Press
The Anarchist Bastard (978-1-4384-3631-9) by Joanna Clapps Herman, Excelsior Editions/SUNY Press
The Chronology of Water (978-0-9790188-3-1) by Lidia Yuknavitch, Hawthorne Books
The Gorilla Man and the Empress of Steak (978-1-61703-082-6) by Randy Fertel, University Press of Mississippi
The Man in Blue Pyjamas (978-0-88864-536-4) by Jalal Barzanji, University of Alberta Press
The Pitcher's Kid (978-1-929355-78-5) by Jack Olsen, Pleasure Boat Studio: A Literary Press
Thunder Dog (978-1-4002-0304-8) by Michael Hingson, Thomas Nelson
Walking in the Tiger's Path (978-0-9841543-5-7) by Paul M. Kendel, Tendril Press
Before We Went Wireless (978-1-884592-53-9) by David Ellis Evans and Ivor Hughes, Images from the Past
Emma Goldman (978-0-300-13726-2) by Vivian Gornick, Yale University Press
House of Hope (978-0-85721-059-3) by Elisabeth Gifford, Monarch Books, Distributed by Kregel Publications
Jim Tully (978-1-60635-076-8) by Paul J. Bauer and Mark Dawidziak, Kent State University Press
Robert McCloskey (978-0-9786899-6-4) by Jane McCloskey, Seapoint Books/Smith Kerr Associates
Shooting from the Lip:The Life of Senator Al Simpson (978-0-8061-4211-1) by Donald Loren Hardy, University of Oklahoma Press
Stories My Father Told Me (978-0-7892-1102-6) by Jeffrey Lyons, Abbeville Press
The Greatest Champion that Never Was (978-0-88146-252-4) by Jaclyn Weldon White, Mercer University Press
The Obits (978-0-7611-6576-7) by William McDonald, Workman
The Original Gospel of Ramakrishna (978-1-935493-97-6) by Ramakrishna, Joseph A. Fitzgerald (editor), and Swami Abhedananda (editor), World Wisdom
Unvanquished (978-0-9836563-0-2) by Peter Hetherington, Pingora Press
Will Rogers (978-0-89672-676-5) by Richard D. White, Jr., Texas Tech University Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
Chakra Awakening (978-0-7387-1485-1) by Margaret Ann Lembo, Llewellyn Publications
Creating a Spiritual Legacy (978-1-58743-275-0) by Daniel Taylor, Brazos Press/Baker Publishing Group
Evolutionary Enlightenment (978-1-59079-209-4) by Andrew Cohen, Select Books
Haddie's in Our Closet! (978-1-4637-1617-2) by J.H. Soeder, CreateSpace
My Life after Life (978-0-615-38307-1) by Galen Stoller, Dream Treader Press
Odyssey of Your Soul (978-1-60988-025-5) by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit University Press
Secrets of Aboriginal Healing (978-1-4620-1805-5) by Dr. Gary and Robbie Holz, Holz Wellness
Spirit Stones (978-1-58985-198-6) by Dianne Beeaff, Hawkmoon Publications
The Dibbuk Box (978-1-61248-012-1) by Jason Haxton, Truman State University Press
The Great Golden Garland of Gampopa's Sublime Considerations On the Supreme Path (Volume 2) (978-0-9809694-9-8) by B. Simhananda, Orange Palm Publications
The Sensitive's Circle (978-1-936940-23-3) by Michael Sortomme, Singing Lake Press
The Tao of Walt Whitman (978-1-59181-104-6) by Ike Allen and Connie Shaw, Sentient Publications
Business & Economics
Big Wave Surfing (978-1-59298-380-3) by Kenneth J. Thurber, Beaver’s Pond Press
Branded Beauty (978-0-7494-6181-2) by Mark Tungate, Kogan Page
From Idea to Exit (978-0-9827029-9-4) by Jeffrey Weber, Triple Nickel Press
Fundamentally Different (978-0-7414-6680-8) by David J. Friedman, Infinity Publishing
Rebel Bookseller (978-1-60980-139-7) by Andrew Laties, Seven Stories Press
Reinventing Fire (978-1-60358-371-8) by Armory B. Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute, Chelsea Green
Shifting the Monkey (978-0-9827029-7-0) by Todd Whitaker, Triple Nickel Press
The Darwin Economy (978-0-691-15319-3) by Robert H. Frank, Princeton University Press
The End of Growth (978-0-86571-695-7) by Richard Heinberg, New Society Publishers
The Next Boom (978-1-60879-999-2) by Jack W. Plunkett, BizExecs Press
The Power of an Internal Franchise (978-0-9820569-1-2) by Martin O'Neill, Third Bridge Press
Wine Wars (978-0-7425-6819-8) by Mike Veseth, Roman & Littlefield
Backing You, MBA! (978-0-9561391-2-2) by Vaughan Evans, Business & Careers Press
Dancing With Digital Natives (978-0-910965-87-3) by Michelle Manafy and Heidi Gautschi, Information Today, Inc./CyberAge Books
GREAT! What Makes Leaders Great (978-1-62101-520-8) by Timothy F. Bednarz, Majorium Business Press
Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Book of Leadership (978-0-470-94457-8) by Jeffrey Gitomer, John Wiley and Sons
Leadersh*t (978-0-9835299-0-3) by Foster W. Mobley, Ed.D., Madison House Media
Leading an Empowered Life (978-0-9768643-5-6) by Ed Morler, Sanai Publishing
Make the Noise Go Away (978-1-936236-73-2) by Larry G. Linne and Ken Koller (contributor), iUniverse
Mom, Incorporated (978-1-4162-0651-4) by Aliza Sherman and Danielle Elliott Smith, Sellers Publishing
Paid to Speak (978-1-60832-131-5) by National Speakers Association, Greenleaf Book Group
The Intentional Networker (978-0-9835461-0-8) by Patti DeNucci, Rosewall Press
The Journey to Competitive Advantage Through Servant Leadership (978-1-4497-3196-0) by Bill B. Flint Jr., West Bow Press
Wisdom Is Not Enough (978-1-59298-373-5) by Jeff Appelquist and Emily Yost (illustrator), Beaver's Pond Press
Desserted (978-0-89272-991-3) by Kate Shaffer and Stacey Cramp (illustrator), Down East Books
Essential Nourishment (978-0-615-42927-4) by Marika Blossfeldt (author, illustrator), Delicious Nutrition
Ma Baseema (978-1-932399-25-7) by Chaldean American Ladies of Charity, Huron River Press
Michael Anthony's Cucina Italiana (978-0-615-43142-0) by Michael Cirafesi, Anthony Fazzini, Rebecca Fazzini, and Jill Boyd, Culinary Book Creations
Moorish Fusion Cuisine (978-1-934572-98-6) by Zouhair Zairi, Emerald Book Co.
Off the Menu (978-1-59962-102-9) by Marissa Guggiana, Welcome Books
One World Vegetarian Cookbook (978-1-56656-834-0) by Troth Wells, Interlink Publishing
Paradise Kitchen (978-0-253-35608-6) by Daniel Orr, Indiana University Press
Rose Petal Jam (978-0-9566992-0-6) by Beata Zatorska and Simon Target, Tabula
Ruhlman's Twenty (978-0-8118-7643-8) by Michael Ruhlman, Chronicle Books
Special Diets for Special Kids (978-1-935274-12-4) by Lisa Lewis, Future Horizons
The Country Cooking of Italy (978-0-8118-6671-2) by Colman Andrews, Chronicle Books
The Organic Family Cookbook (978-1-4162-0638-5) by Anni Daulter and Alexandra DeFurio (photographer), Sellers Publishing
The Viennese Kitchen (978-1-56656-865-4) by Monica Meehan and Maria von Baich, Interlink Books/Interlink Publishing Group
The Whole Hog Cookbook (978-0-8478-3682-6) by Libbie Summers and Photography by Chia Chong (illustrator), Rizzoli New York
Crafts & Hobbies
A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color and Design The basics and beyond (978-1-935726-09-8) by Heather Thomas, Landauer Publishing
Design Sponge at Home (978-1-57965-431-3) by Grace Bonney, Artisan Books
Famous Figures of the American Revolution (978-0-9818566-2-9) by Cathy Diez-Luckie, Figures In Motion
Knit Your Own Dog (978-1-57912-874-6) by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne, Black Dog & Leventhal
The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery Embellishment and Applique (978-1-935726-02-9) by Janice Vaine, Landauer Publishing
The Cult of LEGO (978-1-59327-391-0) by John Baichtal and Joe Meno, No Starch Press
Vogue Knitting (978-0-8478-3680-2) by Trisha Malcolm, Rizzoli New York
Welcoming Home Baby The Handcrafted Way (978-1-4162-0627-9) by Tricia Drake, Sellers Publishing
A Buffet of Sensory Interventions (978-1-934575-83-3) by Susan L. Culp, MS, OTR/L, AAPC Publishing
A Mind Shaped By Poverty (978-1-936236-71-8) by Regenia Rawlinson, iUniverse
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