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Take the Quiz for Your Self-Publishing IQ

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New formats. New technologies. New business trends. Self-publishing is a quickly growing and highly progressive business where there’s a lot to know in order to be truly successful. Very few are experts at absolutely every aspect of book publishing and only when you know where you have room to improve, can you actually do so. That’s why we created this short self-publishing quiz—an easy way to give aspiring and veteran self-publishers alike a better idea of where they stand in the current self-publishing spectrum.

Take the self-publishing quiz now!

Once you take the quiz you’ll have a clearer picture of what you do and do not know and we’ll hook you up with some helpful resources perfect for your particular skill level that will take your self-publishing to the next level and help you get more books into the hands of more readers.

We won’t give you an exact “quotient” like you would receive from a traditional IQ test, instead you’ll receive one of three classifications: Novice, Skilled, or Professional.

You Might be a Novice Self-Publisher if…

A Novice is someone who has minimal knowledge of what it takes to get a book published, which is great because we know a lot about book publishing! You can be a brilliant author, but feel completely lost when it comes to the nitty gritty of what you need beyond the manuscript to publish a book.

If you receive a Novice score, we’ll hook you up with the necessary tools to increase your knowledge like:

A Self-Publishing Overview

  • Editing Resources
  • Formatting Guides
  • Design Tips
  • ISBN Information
  • Pricing Help
  • And other useful tools

You Might be a Skilled Self-Publisher if…

A skilled publisher understands the basics of what it takes to publish a book and may have already done it a time or two, but you may need a little more help with getting your book the attention it deserves through book marketing and your author platform.

Skilled publishers will receive:

  • Publishing Business Tips
  • Print on Demand Overviews
  • Author Platform Resources
  • Book Promotion Advice
  • Content Marketing Info
  • Social Media Marketing Help

You Might be a Professional Self-Publisher if…

A professional publisher has most likely successfully published their own book or a client’s book to the sound of huge returns, rave reviews, and possibly awards. (If you achieve this score and have never published a book, what are you waiting for? You’re obviously a natural!) If this is you, congratulations and keep up the good work! But don’t rest too long on your laurels, because there is always more to learn. We’re willing to bet if you’ve come this far your desire for worldwide book domination can never be satiated. We’re here to help make you an even better self-publisher and your book(s) more discoverable.

We’ll help professional self-publishers continue their education with handy resources like:

  • Book Marketing and Discoverability Guides
  • Metadata Best Practices
  • Book Promotion References
  • IngramSpark Distribution Tools
  • Book Distribution and Sales Tips

Know Your Self-Publishing IQ

From new authors to well-established publishing companies, like any pursuit, being at the top of your self-publishing game means always pushing to further your education and opportunities. There’s always something you don’t know. And if you think you know it all … you might just be missing out on a key element to even bigger business success. It’s time to reach a new level of self-publishing prowess. Take our quiz and discover your self-publishing IQ.


Renee Lamine works on the marketing team for IngramSpark, an award-winning independent publishing platform that delivers fully-integrated print and digital distribution services to the book industry through a single source.

Renee Lamine

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