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Introducing Our Monthly Digital Coverage

This month, we’ve been putting an extra effort into covering genres that feature characters that could potentially make great Halloween costumes, or at least give you nightmares. Featuring horror, science fiction, and fantasy, this October we premiered a new approach toward enhancing our most timely coverage.

Each month, we’ll feature a new focus—a timely genre or idea—that will guide a portion of our coverage for the month. From curated lists of the best books, to interviews with tastemakers for each theme, the monthly themes will unravel more in-depth coverage over the course of the month.

What does that mean for Foreword readers and advertisers? For readers, discovering timely books from indie and university presses is easy and immediate. For advertisers, our new approach to monthly content can help target your message, bring attention to new books, bring new attention to older books, and plan your year of Foreword advertising effectively.

We’ll be continuing with Picture Book Month in November (November 14-18 dedicated to University Press Week). December will feature Winter and Holiday books, and January will be our “New Year, New You” month.

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Seth Dellon
Seth Dellon is director of audience development at Foreword Reviews. You can meet him or hear him speak at most of the events Foreword attends, and contact him at

Seth Dellon

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