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  • Designing Detroit

    Winner: Silver, Architecture (Adult Nonfiction)

    Publisher: Wayne State University Press

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  • Searching the Stars with D.W. Pasulka

    Author of American Cosmic

    File this conversation between Eric and D.W. in the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction file, and then go buy the book.

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  • INDIES 2018 Book of the Year Awards

    There's still time to enter

    Registrations are still being accepted, but don't wait any longer! We need your books in by January 31, 2019

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  • The Birdman

    A man of many talents who loved nature, Alexander Milton Ross was a little-known hero of the Underground Railroad.

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All the Wild Hungers

by Katie Asher

Reviewer Katie Asher Talks Sorrow and Scalded Rye Bread with Karen Babine, Author of All the Wild Hungers: A Season of Cooking and Cancer / Have you felt it yet—the urge to know more about your parents and their parents and your... Read More

Book Review

The Silk Roads

by Matt Sutherland

To be ten in America is to be mystified—the world is so complicated, tension-filled, callous, and distressing that the allure of a virtual life on a screen is nearly impossible to resist. What can we do for that child? What tools can... Read More

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