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Book Review

Winter in Sokcho

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Elisa Shua Dusapin’s novel "Winter in Sokcho", a young woman has a fateful encounter with a man who is as lost as she is. Sokcho, a Korean beach resort, has little to offer tourists during the off season. But one tourist comes... Read More

Book Review

Living Within the Wild

by Rebecca Foster

Mother–daughter pair Kirsten and Mandy Dixon manages a set of family businesses in Alaska, including two lodges, a café, and a cooking school. Their cookbook, "Living Within the Wild", collects rustic yet elegant recipes that serve as... Read More


Book of the Day Roundup: April 5-9, 2021

by Barbara Hodge

William Still / The Underground Railroad and the Angel at Philadelphia / William C. Kashatus / University of Notre Dame Press / Hardcover $35.00 (356pp) / 978-0-268-20036-7 / Buy: Local Bookstore (Bookshop), Amazon / In William... Read More


April 2021 Publisher's Note

by Victoria Sutherland

Fresh Starts / Ramadan. Earth Day. Easter. Arbor Day. Anzac Day (like Memorial Day for our Aussie and New Zealand family and friends). Holocaust Remembrance Day. A Pink Moon. April is a spiritual month, and also one for fresh starts.... Read More

Book Review

A River Called Time

by Aimee Jodoin

Courttia Newland’s "A River Called Time" is an expansive speculative novel in which the British did not colonize Africa, but instead sought to learn from its cultures. In an alternate reality London, Markriss has been selected to live... Read More

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