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    The Meaning of Blood

    Chuck Caruso’s The Meaning of Blood promises a descent into a netherworld of blood and perversity, and it delivers on this as well as something even more heinous: the idea that ordinary people crave blood and perversity just as much as violent perverts

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  • Interview with John Carlin

    Author of Mandela and the General

    Carlin spent time with both Mandela and Viljoen, and he tells the gripping story of their relationship.

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    Calling All 2018 Titles

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Book Review

The Art of Reading

by Matt Sutherland

As props go, a vase of flowers or bowl of fruit may qualify as the painter’s favorite subject—excepting, of course, a portrait of the person paying the artist’s fee in advance. But artists throughout history have also shown a... Read More

Book Review

Amber Revolution

by Matt Sutherland

For all its authentic, artisanal, true-to-the-earth talk, today’s wine industry is high tech, and the science-driven approach to quality in the vineyards and wineries around the world has surely made these the glory days for wine... Read More

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