Foreword Reviews

  • I Am The Rain

    Dawn Publications

    This cross-curricular gem is a beautiful tribute to the many colors, shapes, and fluid forms of water, striking artwork and rhyming verses tell the story of the shifting, flowing, frozen, molten, misty matter.

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  • Book of the Day

    The Unfolding

    The Unfolding is a moving story of family and loss that lingers in the senses.

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  • The Winter's Riddle

    An interview with author Sam Hooker

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  • Four Phenomenal New Debut Novels

    Adult fiction fans, you’re in for a treat.

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Book Review

66 on 66

by Kristine Morris

The creation of the Interstate Highway System under the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower opened a faster, more convenient passage across America, but, with its four-lane “freeways,” it also marked the death of its rural... Read More

Book Review

In the Weeds

by Meg Nola

Daniel Browne’s "In the Weeds" is set in Brooklyn, New York’s famously diverse borough of neighborhoods. In recent decades, Brooklyn’s status has changed; it is no longer shadowed by mighty Manhattan. Brooklyn is a destination of... Read More

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