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  • Book of the Day

    Sex that Works

    Author and relationship expert Wendy Strgar explores the many ways women can reconnect with their sexuality, passion, and partners in this self-help guide, which offers the tools to feed and grow in sexual curiosity.

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  • Audiobooks: New Voices in Literature

    Audiobooks, always popular at the local library, are rapidly growing in popularity among consumers of books. Our reviewers are listening to them, too, and we've picked out these six indie audiobooks as among the best in our May/June 2017 issue.

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  • Choosing Our Religion

    Spotlight on Books of Faith

    An Eastern parable asks six sightless people to touch different parts of an elephant, and to describe what they are feeling. Each is a little bit right; no one articulates the full picture. In our religion spotlight, each book is part of the whole.

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  • No Picture the Same: Graphic Novel Reviews

    But those books are so diverse, so varied, it’s a wonder they aren’t spread all over the store, in every genre. Read one of these six reviewed in our May/June 2017 issue.

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  • Inspiring Gift Books Reviewed in May/June

    Gift books can do more; they can teach and motivate you. If you need a gift book too intrigue you, we have eight, reviewed in our May/June 2017 issue.

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  • IndieVoices Podcast: Criminal Justice Reform

    Authors Expose Abuses in the Justice System and Propose Solutions

    Over the past few years, Foreword Reviews Executive Editor Howard Lovy has made a side project out of interviewing as many authors as possible who have studied our barbaric criminal justice system. It's the topic of our latest podcast. Take a listen.

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  • Climate Change: What's the Post-Paris Game Plan? Authors Have Advice

    Now that President Trump announced he will pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, this recently released book is taking on new relevance. Just Cool It! is the latest of renowned scientist-communicator David Suzuki’s more than fifty books.

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  • The Ties That Bind

    War, internment, illness, racism, failed relationships, all kinds of loss: it’s a catalogue of what troubles us. In these debut novels, shadows are plumbed to find the ties that bind people to communities, to families, and to self.

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  • Deep Beach Thoughts

    Evolution to Dyslexia to Beethoven: Heady Summer Reading

    When the summer wind comes blowin’ in, try your best NOT to let life go on as normal. We take a playful look at five compelling books that offer fascinating, big thinking reading for hammocks and beach towels.

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  • Here They Are: Our INDIES Finalists

    We spent the past few months examining thousands of books, and narrowing them down to the finalists in our INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Today, we announce the finalists whose books will be sent on to our expert judges.

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