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  • Book of the Day

    Until September

    The romantic, contemporary story of an unlikely pair of new parents. Archer and Ryan have entirely different perspectives on how their sexual identity should shape their social roles, but they must come together to raise two children.

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  • One for the Books

    Gabriel Levinson and the ANTIBOOKCLUB

    Gabriel Levinson is a one-man book phenomenon. Notorious for conceptualizing ways to draw new readers to the books they really shouldn’t miss, in 2010 he launched ANTIBOOKCLUB, an independent press dedicated to publishing titles of superior quality.

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  • Reading Resolutions


    Associate Editor Michelle Schingler talks to book Blogger Andi Miller (of Estella's Revenge) about her clever, practical approach to reading challenges in the new year: she's going to read her own damn books.

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  • An Eclectic Journey

    Winter 2016 Travel Books

    Brave travelers undertake wild adventures in our Winter 2016 travel book selections: to Ukraine, in the name of love; across the world; into highly dramatic modern Indonesia; to reside among a seaside people in Japan; in the footsteps of samurai.

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  • Memoir and the Art of Making 'You' Universal

    A memoir, almost by definition, is a work of narcissism. However, the best memoirs are not really about you at all. The good ones are those that help readers see themselves, too. As author Shulem Deen puts it, a memoir is not therapy.

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  • A World In Danger

    Climate Change Books from Winter 2016

    There's no denying that we've drastically impacted the planet. These six books both explore our changed ecosystems and offer a reparative way forward.

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  • Six Great Graphic Novels from Winter 2016

    A quest for Shangri La. Talismans against the darkness. A Buddhist monk on a dramatic quest. A bear looking for his place in the world. Modern takes on the myth of Prometheus. The race to obtain a treasure sought by Templars.

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  • Gained in Translation

    5 Books that Read Just as Beautifully in English

    In an increasingly global marketplace of ideas, it’s little wonder that literary translations represent a growing segment of book sales. The five translations listed here, featured in our Winter 2016 edition, manage to pull it off beautifully.

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  • No More Cartwheels After Closing

    Mourning My Lost Librarian Status

    I’ve gone from insider back to patron. I’ve signed up for a library card online, and now only have to visit my local branch to be back on borrowing terms. But I’m hesitating. How will I fare without my librarian’s privileges?

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