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  • Rosarium Publishing: Diversity is 'Simply Who We Are'

    To Bill Campbell, Rosarium’s founder and chief, diversity isn’t about adding a few people of color, it’s something that "just is." We live in a multicultural world, so of course publishing should reflect that.

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  • Book of the Day


    At one time a giant of immunology, Elie Metchnikoff dropped into the back pages of history during the twentieth century. However, as understanding of the role of bacteria in the human body improves, his theories are returning to the forefront.

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  • Top 5 Indie Histories for Spring 2016

    Here are some top picks of books from our Spring 2016 edition that showcase the past as it was. These books go further than the simple events; they explore the topic thoroughly. Learn not just dates and numbers, but truly understand the topic.

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  • Release of Daniel Clowes's 'Patience' Brings Comics Back into Public Eye

    March marked the release of "Patience," (Fantagraphics), the first all-new graphic novel by Daniel Clowes in more than five years. Clowes is one of a handful of graphic novelists mentioned in noncomics media coverage.

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  • Man Enough?

    The Politics of Presidential Masculinity

    Jackson Katz’s new book examines one classic (presumed) cornerstone of the American presidency—and how assumptions around leadership and masculinity factor into intense political campaigning. Read our interview for his valuable insights.

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  • I Use My Phone in Bookstores, but the Endgame is the Book

    What I’m about to tell you, depending on how you feel about technology, may horrify you to your very core. One of the ways I primarily interact with books (besides reading them, duh) is with my phone. Cue the horror music.

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  • New YA Imprint Focuses on LGBTQ Books From the Heart of North Carolina

    The editors at Riptide Publishing will launch a young reader’s imprint with stories they’d like to read. "We wished we had these books when we were teens and questioning our identity," Riptide Publisher Rachel Haimowitz said.

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  • Indie Authors Show They are Engines of Innovation

    I’ve always gone to conferences ignoring the large displays and instead searching the obscure corners for real innovation. And I found it in the indie authors eagerly taking notes at self-publishing forums, quietly continuing the publishing revolution.

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  • Foreword Announces INDIEFAB Finalists

    Here are the finalists for our 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards, proving that quality does not need to come from giant publishing conglomerates. Take a look at these books and then dare tell us that the indie publishing revolution has not arrived.

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